Our years of experience have given us an education in the education realm.  Varsity Marketing is continually engaged in our own education too so we know what is on the forefront of hot and trending products.  It’s exciting to work with education professionals that are making a difference in the lives of young people and professionals.

We partner with Admissions teams to create memorable and effective promotions to engage prospective students.  Our team loves working on display solutions that makes your messaging stand out from the crowd at recruiting events.

We partner with Alumni departments to recruit and retain Alumni with event and mail promotions. 

We partner with Career Services to help engage students and business partners with promotional tools for the workplace.

We partner with Athletics departments helping them with proper use of their licensed brand.

We partner with Foundations to help them raise money, honor donors, and create brand awareness.

We support student groups with t-shirts, table runners, pens and more to create awareness and as fundraisers.